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Kitchens are the heart of the house. These handy guides will show you some great tricks to redecorate your kitchen faster and with less stress.

Helpful guides

How to Repair Peeling Paint on Plaster Walls

In this guide we show you some easy to follow tips and tricks for dealing with flaking paint.

How to Fix a Hole in the Wall

Learning how to fix a hole in the wall and start transforming your home!

How to Paint a Ceiling

Paint a ceiling fast with this easy to follow guide.

How to Paint a Wall

In this guide we show you how to get a perfect finish when painting the walls in your home.

How to Paint Tiles

Refurbish your kitchen or bathroom tiles fast with this simple tile painting guide.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

In this guide we show you how to rescue your kitchen by painting your kitchen cabinets.

Discover our Secrets to Painting a Kitchen with a Flawless Finish


The Kitchen is the heart of our home, but when it comes to painting a kitchen, it’s no secret that the process of redecorating can cause real heartache for many of us! However, revamping this highly utilised space doesn’t have to be painful. Harris is on hand with expert guides on how to best paint a kitchen and exciting home ideas to help you refresh your kitchen area with ease.

Whether you need to repair damaged paint caused by inevitable knocks and scrapes or have decided to apply a well-deserved coating of moisture-resistant paint to protect your kitchen walls and ceilings, we can help you achieve phenomenal results with our easy-to-follow tips on painting a kitchen and interior inspiration guides.


Expert Tips to Painting a Kitchen Like the Professionals


If you’re looking for exceptional advice on painting a kitchen and want to take your space to the next level, look no further than our Harris How To guides. Designed by our experts to make your DIY endeavours easier than ever before, our collection of guides include the essential tips and tricks needed to make your projects a success every time.

Containing the specialist tools needed to complete your projects to the highest possible standard, our guides will have you on your way to creating show-stopping looks for your home. From professional brushes and rollers for painting a kitchen to essential equipment needed to prepare the surface and achieve an easy clean-up, we’ve included everything you need to ensure a smooth sailing process.

Easy Guides on How to Best Paint a Kitchen to Transform Your Space Today


Learn how to best paint a kitchen and craft an interior scheme that truly makes an impact with our kitchen decorating ideas and step-by-step guides.

Our handy Tip Exchange is the perfect one-stop-shop for interior inspiration and trend updates, brought to you by some of the leading voices in design and decorating! If you need assistance when it comes to complementary colours for your kitchen walls, creating a successful decorating plan – or if you simply want to stay in the know with all things interior design – head to our Tip Exchange now.

Explore our wide range of smart DIY guides and achieve your kitchen interior goals today.

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